Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Games to watch for 04/06/10

Chicago at Dallas-
Preds fans should root for: Dallas

Pick your poison between the Sharks and Blackhawks, but we have a better chance of finish 7th than 8th, and if you ask me, I've seen enough Preds\Sharks matchups.  I'm hoping the 'Hawks stay in second.

San Jose at Calgary-
Preds fans should root for: San Jose

See above. I'd like to see SJ stay in first, and I'd also like to see the Flames miss the playoffs.  Partly because I hate them, but also because if I had my choice of who to play in later rounds, should things shake out that way, I'd take the stumbling Avs over the underachieving Flames any day.  Way more weapons on the Flames.

Colorado at Vancouver-
Preds fans should root for: Colorado

Bigtime must-win with playoff implications for the Avs.  As I mentioned, I'd like to see them in rather than the Flames.  Not a game of huge importance to the 'Nucks, other than to maybe tune up whatever issues Luongo is having.  He's really fighting the puck at the moment.

Los Angeles at Anaheim-
Preds fans should root for: Anaheim

GO DUCKS!  If the Kings lose this game, our chances of keeping fifth place increase dramatically.  These two teams met over the weekend in a game that saw the Kings fall in the shootout.  It'd be nice if the Ducks could play spoiler and shut LA down in regulation.

John Glennon reports that Alexander Radulov's season in the KHL is on the precipice.  I know that there's a love-hate relationship with Rads among Preds' faithful, but I'd take the little guy back in a heartbeat.  I loved his energy, and I'd love to see what he could do with Wilson and Hornqvist.  I think that a lot of the "animosity" that is reported between some of the old guard and A-Rad is largely exaggerated.

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